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Just before X-mass, my shrink referred me to a sleep lab for a sleep study. 
I had it done in the middle of January.  It was kinda interesting:  they hooked me up to a polysomnograph, which is like a fancy polygraph, with about 24 electrodes attached, and bands around my chest and abdomen.  As well, there was an infrared camera, so they could see my position. 
I was surprised that I was even able to sleep with all that gear attached.  As it turned out, I nodded off after 30 minutes and slept all through the night.
I got my results a few days ago.  I have a moderate case of sleep apnea.  Overall, it's at the low end of the scale, but much higher when I'm dreaming or on my back.
So, this is one of the big reasons I've been so tired and dopey.  Now I know that it wasn't entirely from the depression or from the meds.
The doctor has given me a prescription for a machine to treat it.  I've picked up a loaner, and I'm supposed to go back to the lab in a few weeks to get it calibrated for my needs.
It looks really awkward, uncomfortable, and inconvenient in the pictures online.  I wasn't looking forward to using one.  However, it's not as bad as it looks, and I'm getting used to it.
After four nights with the machine, still not completely used to it, and even with the default settings, I'm feeling a huge improvement over the way I felt even a week ago.  I'm looking forward to the results after it's been set up specifically for me.

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